Urban and Regional Planning

Our urban and regional planning services encompass a comprehensive range of solutions that shape sustainable and vibrant communities. Our expertise and experience in this field include:

Traffic Engineering Design

We specialize in designing efficient and safe transportation systems within urban and regional contexts. Our traffic engineering solutions focus on optimizing traffic flow, improving pedestrian and cyclist safety, and enhancing overall transportation infrastructure.

Strategic & Integrated Planning

We assist in the development of strategic and integrated plans that align with long-term vision and goals. By considering social, economic, and environmental factors, we help clients create comprehensive plans that promote balanced growth, livability, and sustainability.

Urban & Regional Policy

Our team of experts provides guidance on urban and regional policies that shape land use, development regulations, and community design. We analyze existing policies, propose revisions or new policies, and support clients in implementing effective governance frameworks.

Land Use Feasibility Analysis and Development Plan Preparation

We conduct land use feasibility analysis to assess the suitability of land for specific development purposes. Our experts prepare development plans that consider factors such as infrastructure, environmental impact, and community needs to ensure optimal land use and development outcomes.

Land Use Planning:

We offer land use planning services that balance the needs of various stakeholders and optimize the use of available land. Our approach integrates environmental sustainability, community engagement, and economic considerations to create vibrant and well-designed urban and regional spaces.

GIS Analysis & Mapping

Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we conduct spatial analysis and mapping to support informed decision-making. Our GIS services provide valuable insights into land use patterns, infrastructure planning, environmental considerations, and demographic trends.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

We prioritize community and stakeholder engagement throughout the planning process. By facilitating meaningful dialogue, workshops, and participatory processes, we ensure that diverse perspectives are considered, fostering inclusivity and collaboration.

Zoning Review

Our team conducts comprehensive zoning reviews to assess and update zoning regulations. We analyze existing zoning codes, propose amendments to promote efficient land use, and align zoning with community goals and aspirations.

Master Planning

We develop master plans that provide a holistic vision for urban and regional development. Our plans encompass land use, transportation, infrastructure, open spaces, and community amenities, creating a roadmap for sustainable and well-functioning urban areas.

Integrated Transport and Infrastructure Planning

We specialize in integrated transport and infrastructure planning to create efficient and sustainable transportation networks. Our solutions consider various modes of transport, connectivity, accessibility, and infrastructure needs to enhance mobility and support economic development.

Urban Development Programs (Industrial & Residential)

We assist in the planning and implementation of urban development programs, both for industrial and residential sectors. Our expertise includes site selection, design guidelines, infrastructure planning, and regulatory compliance to foster responsible and well-managed urban development.

Advocacy Planning and Research

We engage in advocacy planning and research to support evidence-based decision-making and policy development. Our research initiatives encompass socio-economic analysis, market studies, and policy evaluation, providing clients with valuable insights for informed advocacy efforts.

With our urban and regional planning services, we strive to create sustainable, livable, and resilient communities that meet the needs of present and future generations.

Our Clients

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Solar Century
Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited
Good Neighbours Kenya
Mvita Oils