Land and Property Development

Our firm specializes in land and property development services, assisting clients in realizing their development projects efficiently and responsibly. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes:

Feasibility/Due Diligence Investigations and Studies

We conduct thorough feasibility and due diligence investigations to assess the viability and potential risks associated with land and property development projects. Our studies encompass market analysis, financial projections, regulatory compliance, and environmental considerations to inform decision-making.

Land Acquisition and Resettlement for Major Infrastructure Projects:

We provide expertise in land acquisition and resettlement processes, particularly for major infrastructure projects. Our services include social-economic studies to understand the impact on affected communities, negotiations with landowners, and development of resettlement plans to ensure fair and equitable outcomes.

Land Management

We offer comprehensive land management services to optimize the utilization and value of land. This includes activities such as land consolidation, subdivision, surveying, mapping, and other land administration services. Our focus is on maximizing the potential of land assets and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Development Risk Assessments

Our team conducts development risk assessments to identify and evaluate potential risks associated with land and property development projects. We analyze factors such as market dynamics, financial risks, regulatory compliance, environmental considerations, and community impacts, providing clients with insights to mitigate risks and enhance project success.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

We prioritize community and stakeholder engagement throughout the development process. We facilitate meaningful dialogue, conduct participatory workshops, and implement communication strategies to foster collaboration, address concerns, and ensure the development aligns with community needs and aspirations.

Project Planning and Management

We provide project planning and management services to ensure successful execution of land and property development projects. Our team assists in defining project objectives, establishing timelines, coordinating resources, and monitoring progress to ensure efficient implementation and delivery.

With our land and property development services, we aim to guide clients through every stage of the development process, from initial feasibility assessments to project management and community engagement. Our expertise in comprehensive investigations, risk assessment, stakeholder engagement, and project planning enables us to deliver sustainable and successful development outcomes.

Our Clients

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Good Neighbours Kenya
Mvita Oils
Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited
Solar Century