Expert Witness & Mediation Services

Our consultancy firm offers expert witness and mediation services, providing valuable expertise and assistance in legal proceedings and dispute resolution. Our services in this area include:

Independent Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Review and Testimony

We provide independent review and analysis of planning, zoning, and environmental matters for legal cases. Our expert witnesses offer testimony in depositions, arbitrations, and trials, providing objective and well-informed opinions based on their expertise and professional experience. We assist clients by evaluating the merits of planning and zoning decisions, environmental impacts, compliance with regulations, and other relevant factors.

Informal Mediation Services Involving Public & Private Stakeholders

We offer informal mediation services to help resolve disputes involving public and private stakeholders. Our experienced mediators facilitate constructive dialogue, promote understanding, and assist in finding mutually beneficial solutions. We create a collaborative environment where all parties can engage in open discussions to address concerns, explore options, and reach agreements outside of formal legal proceedings.

Our expert witness and mediation services aim to provide clients with objective and credible expertise in planning, zoning, environmental matters, and a facilitated mediation process that promotes effective dispute resolution. We assist in navigating complex legal matters, helping clients achieve favorable outcomes and finding amicable resolutions to conflicts.

Our Clients

Chemusot Tea Factory
Solar Century
Good Neighbours Kenya
Mvita Oils
Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited