About Us

Navigating success through strategic consulting


Willok and Associates Limited is an established multi-disciplinary firm of experienced consultants offering a range of comprehensive consultancy services including environmental impact assessments and audits, environmental analysis, urban and regional planning, land and property development, and climate change since 2016. This multidisciplinary company represents an integrated and fresh approach to national, state and local challenges. Our growth record, increasing national profile and commitment to outstanding client satisfaction is backed by an enthusiastic team of professionals who have developed a collaborative approach to working with state and local governments, commercial enterprises and academic agencies to deliver specialized and expert results.

Where vision meets reality

By employing diverse knowledgeable and competent staff we strive to identify, serve and satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients in public, private sector as well as non-profit making organizations.  Our multi-faceted team takes pride in the wide experience in offering quality professional services to clients within Kenya and the larger East Africa region.

Willok has developed a dynamic and a unique strategic style that looks at problems systemically; developing methods from first principles to build robust frameworks that tackle complex and multi-faceted challenges. We work within the defined parameters of a project brief while still being responsive to new issues. We recognize that strong partnerships lead to successful project outcomes and our approach to community and stakeholders is both engaging and responsive.


Willok & Associates is a firm of a professional multi-disciplinary team of urban and regional Planners, environmental experts, GIS experts and land experts which is in business to identify, serve and satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients in both the public and private sectors in the composite fields of environmental management, land use planning, and property development.

Willok employs a strategic and developmental approach for every planning action that the company is involved in, with a specific emphasis on conducting work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Through the innovative and creative use of its expertise, knowledge and cutting-edge technology, the company will continue to provide a service of the highest quality, thereby satisfying the varying needs of relevant stakeholders.

Core Values

We are driven by the following core values; –

  • Honesty, integrity and social responsibility
  • Adaptiveness and responsiveness
  • Professionalism in our approach
  • Respect for all involved in the planning and environmental assessment process
  • Protection of the environment

Organizational Structure

To meet the needs of our clients, the company has assembled a team of qualified and registered Environmentalists, Urban and Regional Planners, GIS experts, Land Experts etc with a range of experience and abilities to cater for an array of services. The organization structure of the company is depicted below