Development Control

Our development control services focus on ensuring compliance with regulations, managing land development processes, and facilitating efficient and responsible development. We offer expertise in the following areas:

Extension/Change of Use/Density

We assist clients in navigating the extension, change of use, or density regulations. Our experts provide guidance on the necessary approvals and permits required to modify existing structures or land use, ensuring compliance with local planning policies and regulations.

Extension/Renewal of Leases

Our team supports clients in the extension or renewal of leases for commercial, industrial, or residential properties. We navigate the legal and administrative processes involved, ensuring a smooth transition and adherence to lease terms and conditions.


We specialize in managing the subdivision process, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. Our services include land surveying, documentation preparation, coordination with relevant authorities, and ensuring compliance with subdivision regulations.


We provide guidance and assistance in the amalgamation of land parcels. Our experts navigate the legal and administrative procedures, coordinating with relevant authorities to streamline the amalgamation process and ensure compliance with regulations.

Land Registration/Titling

Our team facilitates land registration and titling processes, ensuring proper documentation, compliance with legal requirements, and smooth transfer of property ownership. We work closely with clients to expedite the registration and titling procedures while ensuring accuracy and adherence to regulations.

Processing of Regulatory Licenses and Permits

We assist clients in processing various regulatory licenses and permits required for development activities. From building permits to environmental clearances, we ensure timely and accurate submissions, coordination with regulatory bodies, and adherence to applicable regulations.

With our development control services, we aim to streamline the development process, ensure compliance with regulations, and facilitate responsible land development practices. Our expertise and knowledge in navigating complex administrative procedures and regulatory frameworks provide clients with peace of mind and a smooth path towards their development objectives.

Our Clients

Chemusot Tea Factory
Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited
Mvita Oils
Solar Century
Good Neighbours Kenya